LSC 2017 Conference Sessions

The LSC 2017 Conference is composed of the followed sessions:

  • New development on LSC instrumentation, methodology and scintillators
    Session Chairman: Philippe Cassette, CEA, France

  • Radionuclide Metrology Using LSC
    Session Chairman: Karsten Kossert, PTB, Germany

  • Calibration, standardization, and quality assurance
    Session Chairman: Brian E. Zimmerman, NIST, USA

  • Data evaluation and spectrum analysis
    Session Chairman: Jean Aupiais, CEA, France

  • Applications in environmental radioactivity
    Session Chairman: Aurelien Pitois, IAEA
    Session Chairman: Gabriele Wallner, U. Vienna, Austria

  • LSC in nuclear chemistry (decommissioning, waste processing, nuclear materials)
    Session Chairman: Nora Vajda, Radanal, Hungary
    Session Chairman: Phil E. Warwick, U. Southampton, UK

  • Applications in bioscience, medicine, and drug studies
    Session Chairman: Mikael Jensen, DTU, Denmark

  • Applications in natural radionuclides measurement, chronology and geology
    Session Chairman: Siegurd Möbius, KIT, Germany

  • LSC in neutrino and neutron detection
    Session Chairman: Xiongxin Dai, Queen’s U., Canada

  • Plastic scintillator and application
    Session Chairman: Jose F. Garcia, U. Barcelona, Spain
    Session Chairman: Alex Tarancon, U. Barcelona, Spain

  • Application in tritium studies
    Session Chairman: Nicolas Baglan, CEA, France

  • Applications based on alpha/beta spectrometry and other topics
    Session Chairman: Xiaolin Hou, DTU, Denmark