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Here is the List of LCS 2017 Conference Sessions together with the session chair(s) assigned to each session. You can also see the Session/Chairman table below the sumbission form.

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LSC Conference Sessions and Session Chairs

New development on LSC instrumentation, methodology and scintillators Philippe Cassette CEA, France
Radionuclide Metrology Using LSC Karsten Kossert PTB, Germany
Calibration, standardization, and quality assurance Brian E. Zimmerman NIST, USA
Data evaluation and spectrum analysis Jean Aupiais CEA, France
Applications in environmental radioactivity Aurelien Pitois IAEA
Gabriele Wallner U. Vienna, Austria
LSC in nuclear chemistry (decommissioning, waste processing, nuclear materials) Nora Vajda Radanal, Hungary
Phil E. Warwick U. Southampton, UK
Applications in bioscience, medicine, and drug studies Mikael Jensen DTU, Denmark
Applications in natural radionuclides measurement, chronology and geology Siegurd Möbius KIT, Germany
LSC in neutrino and neutron detection Xiongxin Dai Queen’s U., Canada
Plastic scintillator and application Jose F. Garcia U. Barcelona, Spain
Alex Tarancon U. Barcelona Spain
Application in tritium studies Nicolas Baglan CEA, France
Applications based on alpha/beta spectrometry and other topics Xiaolin Hou DTU, Denmark